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April 24, 2012
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When you come in for your routine dental cleaning, our staff performs a simple oral screening by sight and touch as part of your dental exam. Our office is striving to make sure every patient is examined twice a year during dental cleaning appointments

April is Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Month. It’s an appropriate time to share this message from The Oral Cancer Foundation: “We know that dentists and hygienists are not thought of by the public, and do not think of themselves, as people who engage in the saving of lives. After all, they are not ER doctors. But when either of these dental professionals finds an oral cancer in the course of their examinations, especially if at an early stage one or two, they have undoubtedly saved a life.”


Awareness of oral cancer among the American public is low. Statistics show that every day in the United States 100 people will be diagnosed with new cases of oral cancer. One person every hour of the day will die from oral cancer. People need to understand that oral cancer is not rare, and screening for it is as important as ever!


Please go to the link below to read more about The Oral Cancer Foundation.