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April 11, 2012
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Help our staff protect your health.

A well-informed dental health professional is your best protection from complications during dental treatment. Think of your body as an expensive sports car. You want to be sure your mechanic understands how it is running before you let him work on it. That’s why we ask three questions before we look under your hood.                                                    

1. Do you have any existing medical conditions? Many medical conditions can affect your oral health. Once informed of your medical condition, our staff can determine the best choice of treatment for you. Whether you have diabetes, a heart condition or osteoporosis, all conditions need to be discussed during your dental exam for a complete dental visit.

2. Are you taking medications?A medication you take may affect your dental health or make it advisable to postpone your dental treatment. If informed, we can alter your treatment for you and prevent any medical complications. We can also provide advice for your personal homecare while taking the medication. It’s always helpful to bring a list of medications to your appointment.

3. Do you have any allergies?Knowing you have an allergy allows us to change our choice of dental products we use during your dental visit. If informed, we can avoid an allergic reaction.

A wallet sized card can save your life.

It is important that you keep your medical history card with you in your wallet at all times. Whether at a visit to the dentist, physician or during an emergency, it needs to be accessible. Your card should contain important medical information essential to safe and effective treatment by first responders. This information is valuable for emergency medical personnel if they need to treat you and find you alone and unconscious or confused. First responders recommend “The File of Life” card which is an emergency card to keep visible at your home. You can find it on the web at


Below are some Internet sites that have a medical history card to easily download. If you do not have a printer, Winchester Family Medical Center in Wilmington, has a paper card available in their lobby.

Medical card websites: