When you come in for your dental cleaning at our office, the hygienist reviews your homecare and recommends a specific manual brush for your use. We provide a brush each visit and recommend that you use it for three months, replacing it with a new one as the season changes. That would mean for the routine patient who visits us every six months, we provide two toothbrushes during the year and ask you to provide two.

So, why change your brush with the season? Despite your best efforts, the only way to assure you’re using a clean brush is to replace it after three months. Brushes cannot be cleaned properly in the dishwasher, and cleaning with UV light, ultrasonics or sanitizers is not reliable. Simply replace the brush. Toothbrush bristles cannot be cleaned properly. You should also be aware that keeping a toothbrush in a cover or in a closed cabinet is more conducive to the growth of microorganisms. And if a cold lingers or an “accidental” dropping of the brush happens, have extra brushes stored in the closet.

Brushes can usually be ordered online, or if there is a store sale, buy a bunch. As you know, they are never in the store when you need them. So stock up when you can and remember, just as you change your wardrobe with the seasons, change that toothbrush every three months!


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